Fixing Candida In You

Fixing Candida in You  Phase 1: Remove the Candida Overgrowth (50-100 days) Eliminate Candida overgrowth with botanicals such as Berberine, Caprylic Acid, Oregano Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Pau D Arco.  These herbs change the environment of the gut to be...

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Thyroid Information

Why Thyroid Testing is Failing Us We trust the test results as a doctor explains them to us.  After all, they are the expert.  The doctor ordered the tests I needed, right?  Unfortunately, when it comes to finding hypothyroidism and explaining patients thyroid...

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Lyme Disease and Functional Medicine: Part 2

Lyme Disease: Patient Guidelines/Outlines  Lyme Goal #1: Eliminate the Lyme Spirochete: Lyme Disease is caused from a bacteria name Borrelia Burgdorferi.  It is a specific type of bacteria called a spirochete.  Under normal circumstances this bacteria is difficult to...

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Lyme Disease and Functional Medicine

Introduction from Restorative Health Solutions About Lyme Disease Welcome to the beginning of Lyme disease education!  We will do our best to help get through the mystery and convoluted arguments surrounding Lyme Disease and who it affects.  One of our favorite...

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Chronic Antiviral Support Strategies

When patients enter our office with chronic health challenges one of the first big questions to ask is where is the problem coming from?  For some patients, the answer is they are struggling with a chronic viral activation and they need an effective antiviral strategy...

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