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If you want to test for Lyme accurately and scientifically, yet you also want a more natural approach to healing from Lyme and co-infections, you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Kyle Warren at Restorative Health Solutions is committed to helping patients regain their health through holistic, natural protocols.

Dr. Kyle Warren, DC, CFMP
Dr. Kyle Warren, DC, CFMP

Modern medicine misses the mark with Lyme

Hi, I’m Dr. Warren, a functional medicine chiropractor in Minnesota who has been helping patients defeat Lyme disease and regain their health for 10 years.

When my wife became mysteriously ill 14 years ago, we went to various specialists to figure out the source of her debilitating symptoms. Instead of receiving answers, my wife’s motives and mental health were put into question by doctors who had no idea what was wrong.

After three years of searching, I finally discovered she was suffering from chronic Lyme disease and Lyme co-infections.

Two and a half years after that revelation, my wife had reclaimed her health after following my experimental protocol.

The pain and frustration my family and I experienced made me passionate about helping others suffering from chronic Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses as well. It’s why I advocate and push for Lyme awareness and education, the use of better, more accurate testing, and more effective protocols.

According to studies, the average chronic Lyme patient sees between seven to ten doctors before getting a proper diagnosis. Before making their way to Restorative Health Solutions, most of our patients have also visited several specialists, yet they’re left without solutions. They either received no answers and help or were misdiagnosed and sent on their way with meds that only masked their symptoms.

Because of this, I made it my mission to help patients overcome these serious health issues and get their vitality back.

More accurate Lyme testing is available

I am a huge believer in using the most up-to-date, accurate testing available.

If you’ve heard Lyme testing isn’t great, that’s only partially correct.

The standard testing used by most doctors is outdated and misses at least a third of patients suffering from Lyme disease. Another major problem is that doctors aren’t testing for other species of Lyme and the various co-infections that often accompany a tick bite.

There are terrific testing options available that test IgG, IgM, and PCR for multiple strains of Lyme and multiple types and strains of co-infections.

If you know what to target, you can find a solution.

The importance of micronutrient testing

Testing micronutrient levels is also vital for anyone suffering from chronic conditions and has helped me get much better results with my patients who have Lyme disease.

When you’re deficient in certain micronutrients, your immune system isn’t getting the support it needs to help you in your fight against pathogens. These deficiencies can also produce more symptoms.

Testing for micronutrients also highlights how you can repair your body after these harmful infections have been defeated.

You can recover from Lyme and co-infections

How do you get better from Lyme?

To get better from Lyme, you need to do three things.

➔ Support the immune system (because it’s currently losing the fight)
➔ Dissolve biofilms and directly attack/kill the Lyme bacteria and co-infections
➔ Repair the parts of your body that have been damaged

Any approach that does not effectively address all of these areas is not a complete program.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked on building the most efficacious protocol that produces the fewest side effects. I firmly believe an herbal approach is the fastest, most scientific way to heal from chronic Lyme and that it produces the fewest side effects possible. Each protocol must be adjusted to fit your individual needs. This will deliver the greatest success in your journey toward healing.

Doctors are getting Lyme wrong

There is a group of doctors who don’t believe that Lyme is a problem. Others think two weeks of antibiotics will cure everything.

They’re wrong.

There is a group of Lyme doctors who use three to four antibiotics at a time for 6-24 months.

I’m not a fan.

Many patients who have tried healing from Lyme by taking multiple, heavy antibiotic protocols have ended up in my office.


After years of taking multiple, heavy-duty antibiotics, they didn’t get rid of the infections. They also felt horrible throughout the process and could barely function.

I believe there’s another way to handle chronic Lyme disease and co-infections.

Herbals vs. antibiotics

Dr. Warren’s thoughts on addressing chronic Lyme and co-infections

After four years of treating some patients with antibiotics and others with only nutraceuticals and herbals, I discovered that the patients who went the all-natural route did better than the patients who were using multiple antibiotics. The all-natural route delivered effective results, produced fewer side effects, and resulted in a much lower infection recurrence rate. Furthermore, the patients taking antibiotics didn’t recover any faster than the patients who went the all-natural route.

Noting these observations over the years, I phased out of using antibiotics in most of my protocols. I only use antibiotics for about 10% of my patients if it’s appropriate for their particular case.

If you want to take a scientific, accurate approach to Lyme testing and a more natural approach to treating Lyme and co-infections, I’m happy to help. I have seen people get better using long-term antibiotic therapy, but I believe it is one of the hardest ways to heal from chronic Lyme. Most people who see me either don’t want to do heavy antibiotic protocols or they’ve already tried that and it didn’t work well for them.

If you’d like to take multiple antibiotics for years, there are several Lyme doctors I would be happy to recommend. 

To learn more about why herbals can be a better choice for chronic Lyme please read some of our articles on the topic.

You CAN regain your health

You don’t have to suffer from Lyme disease and co-infections for the rest of your life.

➔ If you want accurate testing to get a firm diagnosis, we can help.
➔ If you want a more holistic, natural protocol that will lessen side effects and provide effective solutions to your illnesses, we can help.

Do you need a boost of encouragement? Watch these testimonials from real Lyme patients about how they overcame chronic tick-borne illnesses with Dr. Warren’s help.

Do you have chronic pain, fatigue, and odd neurological symptoms?

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Learn more about Lyme

To educate yourself about Lyme, Lyme co-infections, holes in the medical system, best treatment options, and more, visit our YouTube channel and read our blog articles below.

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