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restorative-health-chiropractic-teamFrequently Asked Questions

With any questions, please call us at 952-479-7801 or send us an email at

1. How do I become a patient?

To become a patient please call us at 952-479-7801 or email  We do a free phone call (About 15 minutes) with all new patients where you will actually get a chance to speak directly with Dr. Paul or Dr. Warren.  This phone call is ensure that this is the right place for you to investigate your health problems.

2. How much does the first visit cost and how long does it take?

We strongly encourage most patients to get blood work done as part of our complete care during their initial visit with us.  We customize our blood tests with each patient.  During your free 15 minute phone call the doctor will try to estimate what tests might be most valuable for your care and give you an estimate on pricing.

3. How much does it cost after the first visit and how long does it take?

All treatment plans are completely customized to the patient and depend on supplements, retests, and how often a patient needs to come back.  We work very hard to create programs that set you up for success and are also affordable.  Follow up visits are 20-45 minutes.

4. What paperwork is required before my first appointment?

New Patient Forms

Please fill out following form and mail or fax them to the clinic at least 3 days prior to you appointment.   These forms can take an hour to fully complete for some patients depending on the complexity of your case.  Please mail or fax in any previous blood, allergy, hormone, or other medical testing results to at least 3 days prior to your first appointment at 888-502-1176.

5. Why is Restorative Health Solutions not in my insurance network?

Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology are not covered by insurance.  Appointments are not billed through insurance. Dr. Warren and Dr. Paul do not accept insurance and we do not file insurance paperwork on your behalf. However, we will provide a detailed receipt for services performed.

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