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The following are tools and services that Dr. Warren & Dr. Paul use to help answer what your body needs to be healthy and what might be blocking you from being healthy.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Using blood chemistry, Dr. Warren, DC analyzes your unique physiology in an objective way. Blood analysis is the best and cheapest way to get an overall view of the function of the systems of the body. Functional blood chemistry analysis allows Dr. Warren to scientifically identify the root cause of many symptoms.

Functional Endocrinology Analysis

The endocrine system is an internal communication system of glands and hormones in your body. It is made up of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid, testes, ovaries, and adrenal glands. Traditional endocrinology is focused on finding a hormone deficiency and then giving that hormone to the patient in the form of a shot, cream, pill, or pellet. While your body now has the hormone, the dysfunctioning gland is still dysfunctional. In functional endocrinology, we ask the questions: Why are the hormones not balanced? What can be done to help with endocrine health and wellness?  These are important questions.

Gastrointestinal Testing

Using the latest gastrointestinal testing technology, we ensure the most accurate results to help patients with leaky gut and gut flora imbalances. Older methods of intestinal stool tests relied on microscopic examination and culturing of the various bacteria, yeast, and parasites that live in the intestines for examination. Recently, newer technology that analyzes the DNA of organisms in your stool has become available. This allows for a dramatic increase in testing accuracy, health and wellness.

Immune System Analysis

Often, the immune system is culpable in full-body chronic health issues including autoimmune diseases and allergies.  Picture your immune system like the army.  You want your army fully capable of taking out an invader (a germ), and protect the nation (you).  You don’t want it weak or unable to protect you, but you don’t want it overactive either (who wants the army in your living room?)

An overactive immune system can promote inflammation, aches and pains, heart disease and a myriad of other health problems. An underactive immune system leaves you open to infection an infection and sickness after sickness. In the most extreme circumstances (called autoimmune disease) your own immune system (army) has turned against you and is actually attacking your own body as if it were an invader! We can test the immune system to make sure your army is running efficiently.

Food Allergy Testing

Determine your allergic response to various foodstuffs with our food allergy testing services. You may learn that, if you avoid certain foods, you’ll feel fine.  Read about Dr. Warren’s experience with going gluten-free!


Remove harmful toxins from your body with our detoxification services. Detoxification has become a very popular and healthful service we offer.

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