Iron Deficiency - medical concept

Iron: A Key Nutrient for Energy and Brain Function

One of the most fundamental nutrients necessary for healthy body function is iron.  While simple, it is often totally messed up with dire consequences to our patients.  If we miss an iron deficiency the patient will not get better from their fatigue, depression, anxiety, poor hair growth, or anything else.  This is a deal-breaker that will Read More


Cancer Survivors: What you Need to Know #1

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog.  October is Breast Cancer awareness month and unfortunately cancer is affecting more and more Americans each year. It is estimated that there are over 12 million cancer survivors in the United States and in 10 years there will be over 19 million survivors[i].  Over half of these survivors are Read More

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Lupus and IBS: The Connection That Affects Your Quality of Life.

If you have Lupus and are wondering where to start supporting your health, this article is for you. While Lupus is a very serious disease, you absolutely can lead a healthy life with it. Let me start with a very brief overview of symptoms and diagnosis, then we will jump into the Lupus and IBS Read More

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Always Tired and Don’t Know Why? – Chronic Fatigue

Hello everyone, this is Dr. Warren. I am excited today to talk with you about one of my favorite topics, ENERGY! If you are struggling with chronic fatigue and energy problems are ruining your life, this article is for you and I promise you haven’t read it before. I will go through a short checklist Read More


What are some symptoms of thyroid problems?

Symptoms of Thyroid problems: How do they affect your body, mood, and life? Thyroid problems take a toll on your body. The thyroid controls the energy in your body, so low thyroid symptoms (hypothyroid) all center around a lack of energy. Low energy can cause a general fatigue. Constipation can be a result of low Read More